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Work with Danielle one on one. Danielle offers coaching sessions via phone, Skype or at her office in Southlake. 

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Twelve One Hour Sessions: $1,200

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Intuition is very subtle, but it is our most valuable sense. It’s a connection to our authentic self and the divine flow of life. But often it’s discounted or stifled with the big and loud inputs we receive from the outside world. 

When we tune in to our intuition, we amplify our divine guidance and send a message to the world that our decisions are grounded and authentic. The need for approval is then softened and we feel more confident about who we are in the world. 

We will move past the doubts of our inner critic and get still within to listen. We will focus on what our intuition feels likes (it's unique to all of us), how we can hear it and when we can know to trust it.

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In this 3 part series Danielle will guide you through inner work designed to uplift, inspire and break through limiting beliefs you may be carrying around. You'll make room for change as you open and align with your true, worthy, wealthy and wise nature.  Come to one, two or all three. 

September 20 -  Worth: Few of us walk around truly knowing and reflecting our worth, though it's always available to us and such an intrinsic part of bringing our full selves to the world. Uncover what could be holding you back from yours.    

October 18 - Wealth: What does wealth mean to you? How wealthy do you feel? Wealth can play into every aspect of our lives. We'll dive into where you are on your own wealth radar and what part of your life you feel wealthy and where you feel starved, which is the first step to getting you where you want to be.   

November 15 - Wisdom: After clearing up matters of the heart, a new level of wisdom is yours to live by. Uncover your inner wisdom and learn what daily practices will enhance and encourage your alignment with your highest truth. 

Third THURSDAY of the Month 
7:30 - 9:00pm 
$115 for Series or $45 per Session

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