A mother, speaker, coach, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, kids yoga studio owner,

and writer, I used to spend my days carefully checking off items on my to-do list 

as I had crafted them with care in the following categories:

Good Mom

Good Wife

Good Friend

Good People Pleaser

Good Member of the Community

I was also really good at making to-do lists.

What I wasn't good at was listening to my inner voice.

But life throws circumstances at us until it becomes too painful too keep that little voice

in us quiet any longer.

My divorce broke me wide open and left me in surrender on my knees, praying 

for a way out that wouldn't cause any pain to anyone. 

That's how us people pleasers roll... give me all the pain so no one else has to suffer. 

That's how we also stiffen our hearts. 

On the other side of the pain a life I truly adore was waiting for me. It's rich in purpose and heightened by joy. I discovered

how to listen to my intuition, trust it, and live from that soft place of knowing. I also discovered it's the only way I can live, truthfully. 

And it's my purpose to share this with others. Other mothers, other women, other men...anyone.  And to be the light on their path

like so many of my teachers were for me. 

There is so much here for us to enjoy when we live from a place of true alignment with who we have been sent here to be. It's a miraculous life when we have to courage to live it authentically. 

With love, 


Hi, I'm Danielle