4 Ways to Keep Your Energy Clear

For something we can’t see, the energy around us can take a toll on our bodies, minds and lives. Many of us are energy sponges, soaking in the energy from the room we walk into, the people we are around, and even the vibes from a situation. In some cases, taking on what’s around us is a good thing. The buzz from a live sporting event can drive our energy up, so can a hike on a beautiful path in nature beneath the tall trees, and spending time with people who are loving and supportive. And other times the energy we take on can leave us feeling drained, sluggish, second-guessing ourselves, and pre-occupied. Energy is constant and likes to keep moving, but it can get trapped within our bodies and actually cause physical ailments and discomfort. Past memories can even clog up our energetic body if we aren’t mindful of the connection. However, we do not have to be victims of circumstance. We can manage our energy and what we accept and allow into the sacred space of our lives. Our energetic health influences every other aspect of our lives. Making it a priority has made a tremendous difference in my own life, and I’ve noticed when my energy is clear, so are my thoughts, my decisions, my overall well-being, and even my timing. Life just feels more alive and vibrant when I’m not taking in negative or frantic energy. It’s a daily practice to stay true to our own energy, but one that is extremely rewarding. Here are my favorite ways to keep my energy clear: 4 Ways to Keep Your Energy Clear 1. Say the Mantra: I CUT ANY CORDS OF ENERGY THAT DO NOT BELONG TO ME Simply setting the intention and speaking this mantra aloud can offer realignment with our own energetic qualities. This one is works especially well for those people who trigger us. Repeat this a couple of times while motioning around your body with your hands, disconnecting any energetic cords that may be attached to your body. 2. Take a Shower Jump in the shower, but this time do it with the mindfulness that you are washing away anything that doesn’t belong to you or serve your highest good. Imagine the water from the shower head is a white light cleansing away any low level or negative energy. 3. Start the Day with Clear Intentions The morning can set the tone for the day. It’s important to start our day stating that we are not available for negative energy to come into our space. Standing tall, motion to the front of your body, the sides, the top and the back while saying: I clear the path before me

I clear the paths beside me I stay connected to my source energy And get off my back (I actually say “get the hell off my back”, but you do you ;-) 4. Meditate We can clear all of the energy we want, but if we aren’t connecting to our Higher Self (God, Source, Infinite Intelligence, the Divine) on a regular basis, we become vulnerable to getting lost in the muddy waters of our thoughts. (Prime breeding ground for anxiety and energetic attacks.) The ultimate way to keep your energy clear of any outside energy that could bring you down is by keeping your channel open and in receiving mode to YOUR highest energy. The Divine speaks to us when we are silent. Sitting there – no matter how hard it is at first, or how we believe we can’t do it – opens our heart and brings clarity to what we are holding onto that isn’t good for us. It raises the vibrational quality of our own energy and shifts our inner magnet to attract more positive energy. Set your timer for 5 minutes (15 minutes is really amazing), close your eyes and breath. Be patient with yourself (and your busy, busy mind), and stay consistent, and soon enough it will become a practice you won’t want to miss. (Like brushing your teeth!) ** When we adopt daily practices into our lives that cultivate our connection and bring mindfulness to clearing our energy, we naturally become more aware of what brings us down and what brings us up. And we all know - - knowledge is power! We have immense power within us that is awakened when we become mindful of our thoughts, interactions and day to day choices. When we show up for ourselves, we become our own Wonder Woman (or Superman) with protective shields guarding our lives from negativity, low vibes and general ick that can bring us down if we don’t know any better. We have an arsenal of tools available to us and the free will to decide to use them or not. If you’ve felt under attack, tired, sluggish, or drained, I hope you give one or all of these energy clearing methods a try. You may find one that works for you! If you know someone who could use some energy clearing tips, please share this post with them. And if you’ve got a tried and true method you like to use, I’d love to hear about it. It may be just the thing someone else needs to hear. With lots of high-vibe love, Danielle