Is Your Clutter Telling You Something?

Hi Miracle Worker, After a two week Italian adventure I'm back in my home office. A few deer have welcomed us home with backyard visits. I think they may have missed us. :-) I love coming back to a clean house. Everything is in order, organized and arranged. Right away I had a beautiful painting I purchased in Rome framed. It now hangs in our kitchen above a furniture piece that sat in my grandmother's house all of my life. We moved into this house just a few months ago and the vibe of this new place, which is modern in the woods, has really stirred up a desire in me to get rid of a lot of stuff. We decluttered before we moved, but I'm now finding myself tossing and donating things that have sentimental value too. Why? Because some sentiments are not worth hanging onto. Even the broken mantle clock that was my grandfather's. It's gone. (Sorry mom.) But the truth is, it had no meaning for me, it was broken, and every time I looked at it it reminded me I needed to go get it fixed so I can put it somewhere because my mom gave it to me. Guilt and "I have no time" vibes circled that clock like a ranch hand circles calves in a cattle ring and looped me right into feeling I have no time but plenty of guilt every time I looked at it. While we call stuff "stuff" it has a certain power over us. Old clothes can make us feel a certain way, dishes, pictures, all of it reminding us of old times, how we used to feel, how we wished we felt... the triggers our stuff can pull are endless. And some of the stuff we have can give us really positive feelings. Like the picture of the happiest, cutest, watercolor puppy dog one of my daughters painted in elementary school. That thing brings a smile to my heart and face every time I see it. So I hung it on the wall by one of our doors. It seems to bless everyone who walks by it. Coming back from vacation has given me a new appreciation of what feels best for me. Maybe the Italian sea baptized me with a new sense of freedom and creative expression, but I'm more certain now that I don't want to share my space with things that drag me down. Since being back I've gotten rid of dishes, pictures, clothes, miscellaneous things I thought I would finally figure out what they go to - all gone. Some I'm donating, some are going in the garbage, some linger in purgatory, also known as my garage, waiting for their final fate...which will happen sooner than later. It has become an itch I must scratch. And I feel uplifted, clear and more sure of what I do want. The feeling of appreciation is one of the highest feelings we can have, and when we appreciate all that's around us, it changes the chemistry within us. And like magic (but not really) we magnetize ourselves to more of what we appreciate. What about you? Do you have any clutter laying around your house or stuffed away in the attic, closets or garage? What's it telling you? When we ask ourselves why we are hanging on to certain things we will get an answer. Then it's up to us what we do with it. There is liberation found in filling up a black construction trash bag. Your trash could be someone else's treasure, so don't feel bad about filling up a landfill, try giving it away first, or even selling it. You can pocket some change for that stuff you don't really like. Here's to surrounding ourselves with good vibes and only things we L O V E. Lots of love to you,


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