Where's Your Time Going? Soul Time Vs. Clock Time

Hi Lovely Soul, I've been awake for a couple hours this morning. The kids are all sleeping, recovering from a full day spent in the sun chasing waves. I love the morning quiet. The energy in the air feels softer, no one has asked me where anything is and the red cardinal in the tree is serenading me. This beach getaway has resulted in the perfect trifecta to lure me out of the mental craze day to day life had taken on. The smell of the salty ocean air, the feel of the soft white sand beneath my feet and the sound of my kids laughing as they ride the waves on their boogie boards has unearthed and released any anxiety I've been carrying around. Exhale. It takes a few days in to completely unwind from the daily rigors of life. And sitting here, on this quaint front porch, untethered from my daily schedule I gain a little perspective on my life. Life is freaking busy. The past few months my family and I have taken on a new baby for a few weeks, juggled camps, work, basic day to day care of kids, finishing a house, running our businesses, planning and hosting workshops, planning a pool, fixing a flooded basement and grocery shopping, just to name a few. That feeling of not having enough time had made it's way under my skin again. It comes back when I've been too busy. I cut corners on really important things like my meditation time, thinking those few minutes will be better served somewhere else. I'm always wrong when I think this way. This week I've spent my quiet time on this front porch and in front of the emerald sea. The sunlight dances on top of the waves and the ocean glows a beautiful green. It connects me right to my heart and I'm reminded how expansive, ever flowing and limitless soul time is. There is no rush. Daily life had catapulted me out of soul time and into frantic not enough clock-ticking chronos time. Which, as a mom is totally understandable. So is the knot that had formed in my right shoulder. I was carrying the weight of my life on my shoulders quiet literally. But now the knot is gone. Thanks to unscheduled days and going with the flow I'm reminded that the magic of life is found in the flow, not in the forcing. For years I didn't know what I wanted to be, do or have outside of my family life. And then one day my soul dropped in and boom. I knew all the things I wanted to be do and have and I wanted them to happen right then. Soul time doesn't work like that. Soul time knows time doesn't tick off of a clock, but rather unfolds with the delicate beat of our hearts, the gentle waves of the sea, the tiny, tiny grain of sand that forms. Soul time is our real time. We need the clock ticking time to get us to our appointments, and to give our lives some sort of infrastructure, but chronos time should not be the reason we aren't doing what we want to do. We have soul time, or kairos time as the Greeks called it. This is the time our soul uses to live out its purpose. This is the time that knows no clock. This is the most meaningful time that stays with us forever. This little getaway has really reinforced what falls into soul time for me: my family, writing to you, sharing delicious meals with those I love, listening and dancing to music, quiet personal time, playing, connecting to other souls, being inspired and inspiring others. The rest falls into the bucket of chronos time, things that need to be done to live, but are less important to my soul. And for me to feel at ease, I've got to balance them both out. Maybe I'll get two watches to remind me. :-) Without the balance I become frazzled, unfulfilled and even sad. It's so important to keep that soul time a priority for me to feel I'm living a well-tuned, heart centered life of meaning. When I stay in balance I feel more energetic, focused and in love. There's no stopping this mama when I've paid attention to what really matters to me and living my life in soul time. What about you? Where is your soul time vs chronos time? Have you managed to strike a balance in your own life? Or is it time to step out of the frantic tick-tock world and reevaluate? Remember in soul time you have all the time in the world. Be kind to yourself, make sure everyday has some soul time in it. Do what lights you up and then all the other things that you do will have more meaning. OK, I'm off to finish some very meaningful laundry before we pack the crew up for a new adventure on the road. Sending you lots and lots of soul time love,


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