The ONE THING That Stops Most of Us From Getting What We Really Want

Yesterday my youngest daughter asked for an ice cream cone after school. She had sat through grueling state testing so I agreed to a little treat. Like I do every time we go somewhere busy, I sent my invisible forces, my angels, to go ahead of us and open up a parking spot right in front of Milwaukee Joe's Ice Cream Parlor. I knew it would be done, so I gave thanks before we got there. Just as we arrived two spots opened up, only they weren't the spot I had envisioned right in front of the ice cream shop. But I noticed the car in the spot I wanted was about to back up. So we waited maybe 30 seconds and pulled right in. I gave a quick nod to the sky and said "thank you, angels." The other two spots that were available were close, and I could have zipped right in and taken one, but it wasn't what I wanted. So I waited. Which was a perfect opportunity to talk to my girls about the importance of never settling. Patience is a virtue I've yet mastered. (Not that I've mastered any of them!) But one thing I know for sure is when I take action out of impatience I seldom get what what I truly want. The Universe/ God/ Source (whatever you want to call it) is always working in our favor. When we are in direct communication and are having conversations we can rest assured that anything we ask for we will receive. The number one hold up that keeps us away from receiving what we really want? PATIENCE. We want it now, and that impatience can lead us to dismissing the great work that is going on behind the scenes to make it happen, so then we assume it's not happening and abandon our desire. It is common knowledge now that when we put a thought or desire into the ethers we begin the creation process. The Universe/ God/ Source then gets to conspiring to co-create our thought/ desire into a reality that we can see, touch, taste and hear. But getting a manifestation into a tangible, real thing can sometimes take time. So we settle when it does't happen fast enough. Or we begin to question what we asked for and derail the entire process with our uncertainty. If we stay in the flow of what we want and trust it will be delivered, we start to receive intuitive hits that lead us to take inspired action. And this is where the magic happens. This is when we run into people that have been delivered from the universe to help us with our manifestation. The "coincidences" begin to unfold into our experiences and the process begins to take on a joyful life of it's own. A New Chapter - When I opened FlyKids Yoga I knew I needed teachers. At first I was really worried about it, but then I let it go and said "Universe, you asked me to open this studio, so I'm going to need you to provide wonderful teachers please and thank you. " Within weeks I was training a living room full of teachers. One of them is my lead teacher still to this day and creates so much at the studio and is loved by all of our students. The teachers on staff are constantly amazing me with their heartfelt approach and dedication to our students. I teach one class per week so I can run the studio and devote time to my coaching practice, my family and myself. Which leads me to my next point: Get out of your own way. When we try to figure things out we muddy the waters. Instead, trust that you are being guided and then be lead. Our responsibility is to trust what we are being guided to do, ask for help and know we are being supported. Each of our lives embody so much purpose. When we act on the power and knowledge that we are connected to a bigger plan, a bigger picture, we can relax and enjoy the journey a bit more. As one of my daughter's friends told my daughter after leaving her birthday party: "Enjoy the journey, girl." And know the universe wants to shower great gifts upon you. Just wait. :-) Lots of love,