How's Your Spirit?

How’s your spirit? If I were to ask you that question would you give me a different answer than if I asked “how are you?”

Most people’s response to “how are you?” is: “good!” “busy!” “crazy!” or “you know, hanging in there!” But how’s your spirit, how’s your soul? By the end of May your soul may be starved for breath beneath all the end of school year parties, Pinterest party favors, teachers’ gifts, more parties, pictures, summer planning, errands, more teacher gifts you forgot the first time and coming up with game ideas for class parties. May is hard. Or maybe May is a culmination of all the things we do throughout the year that come to a head now. Maybe May is our chance to come to terms with our real priorities. Maybe May is the month we make ourselves a priority. Maybe May is the month we balance out taking care of ourselves with taking care of everyone else. See, I believe, as mothers (to clarify, mother to me represents the energy of offering love, support and nurturing to those we come in contact with regardless if they are our offspring or not), we are at the helm of this ship. We decide where it’s going. And while the waters may be choppy at times, for the most part the ship is at the mercy of our direction. For many years I was caught up in the commotion of crazy. One may say I was addicted to it. I was in the wave of what I thought everyone expected me to be, when in truth that wave was exhausting and didn’t feel authentic. I had lost myself in the roles I was playing. And I was tired. The world we live in is dominated by how full we can cram our schedule and how busy our children can keep us. One thing I think we can all agree on is it’s a bit out of balance. And remember, as the mothers, we are the captains of our shipmates! We are teaching them what’s important. When I’m grounded and nourished – which means more time with my spirit, I’m a better mother. When I honor what’s sacred to me independent of what others need from me, I’m a better human. So I invite you to change instead of complain this May. If you love all the busyness, say so! But if you don’t, change it. And if you are like I was all those years ago, I needed time set aside for my spirit. I had yet to develop a home practice of connecting with my soul, so I went to retreats and workshops to learn how (separate and outside of a religious setting), and it helped me learn how to integrate the depth of who I am with the life I was living with my family. It taught me I’m not the doer for everyone else, I have a life I want to live too AND THAT IT'S OK, and even NORMAL to want this. It's okay to want to rest, regroup and nourish a deeper part of ourselves. In fact, it's vitally important. This is why I decided to offer two workshops in the month of May. An opportunity to stop the ball amidst the chaos and say yes to filling our cups without any strings attached or guilt. A real line in the sand that defines your importance to you. Grab a friend, spouse or come alone: Feed Your Spirit: Thursday, May 17 A retreat for my sisters at my home which includes a hike, a personalized mantra that resonates with your soul that you will take home with you and continue practicing, and a delicious, nurturing lunch. Life Reset: Sunday, May 20 Open to men and women, mothers, fathers, caretakers, singles, anyone who needs a timeout to regroup, re-center and recalibrate on connecting to a soul satisfying life that's as YOU as YOU can be! I invite you to come play with your spirit and honor your soul and celebrate all the things you may do for you in May. :-) You can register by using the links on the Events page.

Hope to see you soon! Lots of love,