Do You Worry About Your Kids? Here's What You Can Do Instead

Hey Beautiful, If you've ever been bound up by worry for your kids, then today's post is for you. Growing up I remember thinking if a parent worried about you, that meant they loved you. But worry can't get all tangled up with love and it still be love. Knowing this doesn't mean it's easy to do away with worry though. They're our kids, we'd take a bullet for them, so of course we want to prevent as much pain as possible in their lives. But that isn't necessarily what they need from us. Sometimes growth is painful, just like the hurt from growing pains in their legs, overcoming emotional obstacles and challenges can hurt too. So here's what I do and what keeps the big picture in perspective for me. I call it a hearthack and it's how how I stay centered in my heart when my head wants to hijack my thoughts and take me down worry lane. It's in a short and sweet video you can watch here:

Parenting is not for the faint at heart. It's hard. It's wonderful. It's scary. It's beautiful. It's all the things in between, and perhaps the best teacher we have. So, dads, if any of you are reading this, this is for you too. I know your heart is in deep with your kids and worry can sneak up on you too. This is a new format, so let me know if you enjoyed it, would rather eat raw spaghetti, or found it helpful! Your feedback is always so appreciated. Here's to worrying less and loving more. Big love, xoxo Danielle