Mock-Tees and Other Things Better Left in 2017 (...or 1993)

Hi Gorgeous, I just got rid of every single pair of my "WHAT IF" shoes, "JUST IN CASE" jeans, and "MAYBE ONE DAY" dresses. You know those pieces we hang onto in our closet because we never know when someone might throw a party and a red ribbed mock-tee circa 1993 is exactly what should be worn? Well, we actually do know, and no, we aren't going to wear those pieces again. Ever. And while chucking each "WHAT IF" piece into the giant black contractor bag that was set up in the middle of my closet I wondered why I wore some of them in the first place. Why was I holding onto things that just took up space in my cramped closet? And I came to the conclusion that it's the same reason we hold onto past experiences that cause regret, sadness, anger and fear and other feelings like self-doubt and judgement. It's the question we ask over and over but are scared to answer.... Who will we be when we let them go? When we hold onto things for so long (anger, self-doubt, resentment, acid-washed jeans) they eventually begin to feel like they are a part of us. So when we throw them out, we buy into the notion that we are throwing away a part of who we are. We can’t do that, right?!? Wrong. This is where nature comes in… December 21st marked the day when the sun began to favor the southern hemisphere and we tucked in for winter in North America. (Happy Winter Solstice, my friends.) I started my own winter solstice earlier this year, choosing to stay in and reflect on my life, taking a look at what I need to let go of and what I need to prepare for. Nature does such a great job of showing us how cycles are meant to serve our growth. The trees make it look so easy, peaking with brilliant colors just before releasing their leaves, letting go of the very thing that made them so beautiful. They don’t hang on to their crowing fall achievements of brilliant reds and oranges, there is no weeping or sadness of what has come to pass, only release, surrender and letting go. Mother earth is in favor of the trees' decision to declutter, warmly receiving the leaves as they dance to the ground, turning what seemed to be dead into nourishment. The trees will become bare again, standing proud, deepening their roots, extending their branches even further than before, proud to claim more space, sure of their purpose, awaiting what is to come but unsure of exactly what it may be. The tree doesn’t give her leaves away to the wind and then forget who she is, instead, she makes room for more of what she loves. Her roots will grow stronger, her leaves will come in bigger and brighter and they will reach for the sun even more than before. And that, my friends, is exactly what happens when we let go of things we’ve been holding onto that have been holding us back: we make more room for what we really love. But before we can invite anything else in, we have to let some things go. So before the clock strikes 2018, what can you let go of? What situations from your past are played out and need to be released? Where can you make more room for what you really and truly want to grow and nurture? Just like cleaning out our closets, we have to clean out our minds, limiting emotions and stale memories that are taking up precious space. It takes dedication and commitment to become a new and improved version of ourselves, but it’s well worth the effort. And it all starts with the decision to do it. My closet is ready for 2018. There is so much more space for new things, for only things that I love. And my life is too. I’m ready to teach more, host more workshops, travel, finish writing my book, grow FlyKids Yoga, take more walks in nature, spend quality time with my family, watch my children grow, nurture my marriage, and make sure every single day I get still and listen. Because that’s where I keep track of what’s worth holding onto, that’s where I make room for miracles to happen, that’s where I live an inspired life and welcome change, uncertainty and the hopefulness of my future. I hope in the coming days you give yourself time to truly decide what it is you don’t want to carry with you into the coming year and you let it go like leaves on a tree. We can release the old and tired stories that have been holding us back and in the process get to know who we are when we reconnect with our strong roots. Our mindful surrender will create new space for new stories to emerge, new memories, new growth, new crowning achievements, new joy, a new life that grows with us, instead of holding us back. A new life that that supports our dreams and how we really want to feel. A new life without mock-tees or high-waisted acid washed jeans. Are you in? Happy 2018. May it be your most prosperous, adventurous and loving year yet! With deep rooted love,