What is your body trying to tell you?

My first recollection of my body trying to tell me something I refused to hear otherwise cut my vacation in Los Cabos short. The white beaches, beautiful ocean and tasty margaritas were great. But I knew the vacation signified a last ditch effort to save my marriage. I had been avoiding what I really felt for a while. It was inconvenient to listen to the aches of my heart and my body. I didn't want a divorce. So I tried everything to avoid the truth my heart was trying to tell me. Until I couldn't deny it any longer and broke out with red, painful hives all over my body. My skin burned at the idea of the sun, so I wrapped myself up and tried to make the best of our Mexican vacation with friends, secretly wanting to go back home to see a doctor. I was in misery. My first day back home I was sitting on the doctor's table, only he couldn't find anything "wrong" with me. Which prompted his next question: "How's your home life?" Taken off guard and mortified I answered as honestly as I could while looking down at my feet, "it's fine" I said. How did he know? I hadn't told a soul I desperately wanted to leave a marriage I felt bound too. He knew because my body told him. He declared my hives to be "psychosomatic" and urged me to see a therapist to work through any issues I may have in my relationship. He had seen this before and knew all about the mind/body connection. He was right. When we fail to listen to our hearts, our bodies will convey the message we are trying to avoid in a much bigger way. Like miserable, horrible hives. The trillions of cells that make up our bodies actually react and either thrive or decline based on what we feed them energetically and emotionally. We may fool our friends, co-workers, or spouse about how we truly feel, but we cannot fool our bodies. Our bodies are reflections of our emotions, pointing us into the direction of how we feel or what’s bothering us until we decide to pay attention. As much as we identify with the meat and bone aspects of who we are, we are so much more than our dense bodies and brains. We have energy swirling within us and our thoughts and feelings mold that energy. So when something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Forcing it, or even worse, turning our thoughts against ourselves puts us in a place where we cut off our well-being. We really are this powerful. And our bodies won't let us get away with forsaking the truth of who we are. Which at first may seem like a terrible, terrible thing. But in the big picture of who we are, it is a blessing. And I'm thankful my body made me wake up and recognize that how I felt was important to acknowledge. As inconvenient as our feelings may sometimes be, they are always leading us into ultimate alignment with who we were put on this earth to be. Are there messages your body is trying to give you? Our souls are yearning for our truth to be lived. While it may be hard at first, it will get easier. Life will begin to make more sense when we take the time to acknowledge how we feel. Life is calling, let's be courageous and live it. With so much hive-free love, Danielle PS The next Mommy Reset is coming up soon! If you're feeling called to be there, I'd love to share this event with you. You can register below.

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