Are you addicted to overwhelm?

Feeling overwhelmed lately? It’s so easy to get sucked into doing, doing, doing all the time. The intellect wants to keep pushing us telling us to do just one more thing and then we will find peace. But one thing leads to another, leads to another, leads to another and that peace seldom comes, and if it does it isn’t long-lasting. This is the place a chronic over-achiever or pleaser finds herself in - an overwhelm addiction. More doing equates to more… happiness, fulfillment, pleasing them, bragging rights .. what? It is a cycle that sucks us in then spits us out, leaving us feeling tired, depleted, confused. Because peace doesn’t come from the mind, it comes from its source – the heart. But what about that urge we feel to sit and be quiet, to not fill the void of silence with words or actions, but to wait long enough to listen to what the silence has to tell us? I know when I cave and sit still and just be, I become me. It can be a challenge when there is just But when I succumb to the desire of silence, when I rest my mind there, the tight grip of the illusion of control softens and I breathe. And for a moment, or two, or ten, I can feel the energy of my life pulsing through my veins. I can sense the overwhelm that my intellect drives me to, and I remember my true purpose. It isn’t to do it is to be. From this place of everything-is-ok-ness, I relax into the powerful sense of my higher self – my inner being – that which is beyond my mind, and I remember who I am and who I came here to be. And I feel an inspiration to serve, to enjoy and to celebrate. This inspired action doesn’t feel like overwhelm, it feels like the next right move. This is why we are here, to move from our hearts and let our minds serve our doing. Our world may tell us it’s the other way around, and that we have something to prove, but you and I are rebellious enough to not listen to them. Our worth is found in our hearts, not our minds. Can we be brave enough to get quiet and listen to what our hearts have to say? I know we can. This isn’t an overnight job. It’s a going there every day kind of job. It’s noticing when we are slipping away from our alignment and choosing to get back. It will reveal the truth, which maybe we’ve been avoiding, but our truth is our freedom and when we face it we can choose the next step we take from a more powerful place. Let’s get quiet. Let’s put down our phones and to-do lists and sit with our breath. Even if it’s for 5 minutes. Put your timer on and sit. Let your mind wander, feel your heartbeat, and bring your awareness back to your breath. Connect. This is where what truly matters resides. We must visit it more often. The world needs our gentle power. Let’s summon it. Let’s go there, together. With so much gratitude for your existence, for your courage, for your compassion, for your love, xoxo -Danielle PS The catastrophic natural disasters we have been faced with recently can add to our feelings of overwhelm. Taking time out of our day when faced with such monumental disasters helps. In addition to financial relief, our friends need emotional relief. When we are in a good place, we can lower our arms to raise them up with our strong hearts. PPS If you know someone who is addicted to overwhelm (we all are at some point), or if this helped you and you know someone else who needs to slow their roll, share the peace and pass this along.