The Mommy Reset: A Workshop for Moms

There are at least three truths to being a mom: 1. No matter how old they get, you will always be their mommy. 2. Mothering is hard. 3. Moms have superpowers that cannot be replicated. Mothering today has taken on a whole new meaning: all day sporting events, intense school schedules, driving to practices, tutoring, allergies, social media dynamics, friends, wellness... it can be overwhelming. And then we think about ourselves. It's time for a reset. The Mommy Reset workshop was designed just for moms. A place to clear our heads and get into our hearts, where the truth of who we are lives, and where our superpowers reside. Tired, stressed out, or the too common "mommy-guilt" do not have to be synonymous with motherhood. We can mother from a place of love and still take care of ourselves, honor our own desires, trust our innate intuition, and live a life that is fulfilling, even when the kids are gone. The Mommy Reset was designed to get you back to that place where you trust your inner knowing, own your mommy superpowers and feel good about saying yes or no. We will edge out guilt, shame and regret and land on love. Reserve your spot:

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