3 Reasons 2016 Was Your Best Year

Here I am, one last time for 2016. (I've really missed you.) This year may be the first to be ushered out so willingly that I can remember. It’s been less nostalgic pictures and more profanities. Good riddance 2016, RIP! And I get it, losing George Michael then Carrie Fisher, then Debbie Reynolds was a trifecta to end a year riddled with deaths of masterful creators. The general consensus has been that 2016 can bite it. And others have had more personal heartbreak, headache, trials and tribulations than ever before. But even if this year proved itself to be your least favorite, I’ve got news for you: 2016 was your best year yet. Yep, even with the upsets, this has been your best year, and here are a few reasons why.

1. You’re reading this. Another year has gone and you’ve managed to escape death. You have been chosen to continue on!

2. Even if pain and heartbreak were piled on high, knowing what we’d rather have on our plate instead of what we do have has never been more clear.

This one needs a bit more explaining… Loss of relationships, jobs and the comfort of feeling like we know what to expect went by the wayside for a lot of us. It hurts at first and there are really dark days, but when we get to a crossroads in our lives and either the Universe decides for us (i.e. you get fired from the job you hate), or we get brave and make the move (quit the job on our own accord), we can bring into focus what we do want. That really shitty job and/or that relationship hanging on by a thread put discomfort into perspective. And thanks to our innate since of fight or flight, when we get pushed into a place of not being able to stand it any longer, what we really want comes into focus better than ever before. The dreaded job, relationship (insert the thing that really sucked here) was just the prep work for finding what makes our hearts sing. Sometimes we’ve got to know what we can’t stand to figure out what we love.

  1. Volatility shakes out the pros. If you’re looking for real change and improvement, a really bad year is the perfect place to make it happen.

Kind of like the best time to buy in the stock market is said to be when everyone else is freaking out. Stocks go low, people sell like crazy, and you stand back, take a survey of the goods and buy low. People tend to have similar experiences in waves, so when it’s bad for some, it’s generally bad for most. But, if you can take notice of what you don’t want to keep repeating and go against the grain and reach for what you do want, even when it gets challenging, the scale will tip in your favor. When we stay true to what we do want and then are patient enough to let it come to fruition, we start to fill our plate with only the stuff that looks good on the buffet. Appreciation of the gift of life we continue to claim, clarity of what we do want/desire, and the realization that it’s ours for the taking if we stay focused and patient is a mighty cocktail for a stellar new year. 2017 is said to be the year of expansion. What do you want more of in your life? Whatever it is – with clarity, intention and an open heart and mind willing to receive it, 2017 could quiet possibly be the year where life lessons are learned from only pleasant experiences. (yes, please!) As for me, I’ve got my accountability board all set (I’ll tell you more about that next time), and I’m ready to usher 2017 in with some champagne and fireworks in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with my family. I wish you the most prosperous year you’ve ever had. 2017 has the potential to be just that, and if you need a little coaching to help you get there, you know I’m your girl. It was a joy to write to you one more time in 2016. Taking up real estate in your inbox even for just a little while and sharing what is on my heart with you is truly an honor. With so much new year love, Danielle PS The only thing better than fireworks and champagne is getting messages from you! Leave a comment below, and if you like what you read, share it with your tribe! xx

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