Transforming Feelings of Anxiety, Hopelessness and Overwhelm to Serve You & The Planet

When things seem heading in the wrong direction on a national and global level, a feeling of hopelessness can wash up on the shores of our thoughts. Problems seem bigger than our capabilities, the balance of injustice seems heavier than we’d like, and we have more questions than answers.

As unfortunate as this may seem, this is actually a beautiful time.

What’s happening on the negative side of things isn’t what makes this time we are sharing so beautiful. The beauty will come from the effect these things will have on our future if we accept the invitation we’ve been given to awaken.

The jostling of our reality is exactly what we need to invite change in. Eye opening experiences awaken us from our slumber and let us know we can change what we don’t like. Even if it seems impossible at first.

For me personally the most painful times in my life allowed for the most growth. It took moments of despair and sadness to make me realize what I didn’t want in my life. This isn't any different than what we are experiencing on a global scale.

And the good thing about knowing what you don't want is that you become very clear about what you do want.

Sharpening Focus

Shifting our focus from what we don’t want to what we do want means changing our conversations - the conversations we have in the privacy of our own minds and those we have with others. When we talk about what we DO want instead of what we don’t want, we get momentum going in the that direction. Our thoughts and words hold tremendous power - pretend as if every thought you think and word you share are shaping your future - because they are. Choose wisely.

Change starts small

Placing our focus on issues that seem too far away to fix can cause us to feel hopeless. But there are things we can do locally that will empower and bring a sense of contribution to our lives.

The exchange of energy, giving for the sake of giving, comes from love. And when we share love more love is created - no matter how small the deed. And while we may think we are zip codes, countries and continents apart from devastation, sharing love in our own circles can lead to a ripple effect that can encompass the globe.

Things like volunteering our time at a local homeless shelter, delivering flowers to a friend having a rough time, writing a thank you card for no specific reason, organizing a backpack or book drive for local disadvantaged children, volunteering at the local animal shelter, visiting an elderly friend who can’t leave the house - there are countless ways to give back. And when we give back to one, we give back to the world.

Inspired Change

When we catch the empowering wave of giving back, we open up a new channel of inspiration and connection. One thing leads to another - a small book drive turns into an annual event, a friend is found in an unlikely place and new ideas are created because a newfound focus is formed. And since empowerment is contagious, when we feel empowered we pass it on to others. When we feel like we can evoke change in our own lives, we give the courage for others to do the same. (If we know it or not.)

And Ounce of Gratitude is Worth More

Than a Pound of Regret

Growing in ways that stimulate love and empowerment creates gratitude. We live in an abundant universe - always yielding to our desires and what we place our attention on. The more we practice sharpening our focus, the more we will see this truth. When we share love with ourselves and with others, give back and feel empowered, gratitude becomes a daily practice. Giving to those less fortunate also shines a spotlight on what we have to be grateful for.

Let Your Voice Count

“The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.” - Elie Wiesel

Knowing change is desired is the first step to doing something about it. Speak up and be heard. Share your voice of love and hope and change. Don’t rely on someone else to do it for you. It starts with you.

You are a powerful creator

You can cause change greater than you are aware of. Own your capabilites. Take into account what you don’t like in your world and in your life experience and focus on what you would rather have it be. (This is true for politics too - less focus on who you don’t want in office, and more focus on who you DO want in office!) Trust that the timing in your life is perfect, and everything you've experienced in your life has brought you to the point.

Accept the invitation of awakening and enjoy the world you create.

Start sharing your voice now, and leave a comment below! Share with any friends and family who you'd like to get in on the conversation.


With so much love,


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