Making Room For the Good Stuff

Helloooo and happy new year!

I hope you enjoyed the last couple of weeks. I know I did. Hectic schedules and carpool were replaced with late family breakfasts, games, catching up with family and friends and lots of cozy pajama wearing.

It was a much-needed break, but I’m pretty sure I heard a collective sigh from all the mamas in the ‘hood as the school bell rang starting a new semester of learning. (Did you hear it, too?) It’s good to be back in a routine. And with a new year, we get to start with a clean slate.

My family and I made vision boards together this year. (More on this later...) It was fun and really helped me get some creative intentions going.

I took those intentions to my laptop and started to write. Ideas were coming from every which way, only I wasn’t able to save a single one of them - turns out the storage in my laptop was full.

With a full laptop and lots of new ideas coming in, it was decision-making time. What do I get rid of to make room for the new and improved dreams, goals, wishes and desires?

Then the same thing happened to my phone as it warned me my storage was almost full. I was in a complete “storage full” crisis.

I’m a true believer that the universe delivers signs to us everyday - signs that remind us of who we are, our purpose, and validation that we are on the right path. And my sign was screaming at me – it’s time to let go of some of the junk I’ve been carrying around.

A new year delivers a clean slate – a reset button. But it doesn’t matter how clean our slate is, if we are stockpiling old junk from the past, our new intentions have no room to be saved, no matter how epically awesome, big and sparkly, or small and sweet they may be.

To give our new dreams room to breathe in our lives we’ve got to empty out some storage and really take a look at those boxes that have gone unnoticed – old beliefs and stories we hang onto and carry over year to year. Sometimes they become such an intrensic part of who we are forget to question where they came from. We just accept them, as is.

And it doesn’t have to be big, earth-shattering stuff. Sometimes it’s the little things that take up the space we need to make a change – that nagging little voice that tells us why bother, or it’s not worth, or those little fears and worries - the day to day things we tell ourselves that keep us held back.

Like my computer that was holding on to duplicates of pictures and old data I didn’t need anymore, our lives can fill up with stuff that maybe at one point served a purpose but not any more. What do we allow to take up space in our lives?

2016 brings hope and promise and new ideas and creativity and excitement, and when these newfound intentions are given the space, they can take hold. So it may be time to free up some real estate. It was for my laptop, my phone and my own personal life.

I found myself stuck in an old circumstance that had reared it's ugly head again. I thought I had faced it and moved on, but here it was, staring me straight in the eyes. (Sometimes we have to step in shit more than once to notice where the smell is coming from.) Only this time I knew what I needed to do. I stared right back, felt it, addressed it and let it go, and freed up a part of me I hadn't even realize had been occupied.

The past, stories of pain or hardship, circumstances where we were wronged or taken advantage of and resentments can eat up a big portion of who we are when we hang onto them, leaving no room for the positive changes we want to make. Releasing them, forgiving our wrong doers and ourselves can really free up that precious space we need to plant new seeds of intentions.

The best of intentions can only grow when given the space to do so.

2016 is here to serve you and your purpose. Is there something you can release in your own life that would make more room for what you really want, to fulfill your deepest desires and the calling of your heart? Like a snake shedding her skin, what can you shed to grow more into who you are?

One of the things I have plans to do this year is to give back more. As a mom, a previous single mom and having been raised by a single mom, I admire and respect single moms doing all they can to raise their children well against the odds. Which is why I've made room to give back to them. For all coaching sessions I book this year, I am giving 5% back to local women's shelters in my area. I've given in the past - my money and my time - but I'm ready to give regularly and have even made it a part of my business plan. Giving back to the sisterhood and helping other women rise is such a deep calling for me and it makes my heart so happy.

I'd love to hear what your plans are for 2016 - from the big to the basic, goals to what you want to release, it all matters. Please share in the comments below. And if you found this helpful, spread the word. Social media links are below, because it's just easy that way.

Cheers to your most creative, love-filled year yet! And to the beautiful new canvas upon which we get to paint a life we truly desire. Lots of love,


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