Mining Your Magnificence

Hi lovely reader, There are a lot of events happening within our nation and the world that are bringing up questions - why the hostility, pain, grief, devastation and destruction? And it's not as if we haven't been subjected to the harshness the world can bring to our doors, but thanks to the news and social media the harshness of the world is brought directly into our living rooms. Which is why, dear reader, the timing is perfect for us to be awakened. There is no need to change your belief system, you can believe what makes you feel good. The awakening I'm referring to is the one where you realize just how meaningful your desires are, why you have them and why they are so necessary. When we listen to our deepest calling and act upon it, not only do we give a voice to our heart, we also elevate the consciousness of the world. Recognizing our connectivity each one of us has to the rest of the world gives rise to just how valuable those inner desires are. When you can take those inner feelings that are undeniable - maybe ending a relationship, or job, or going back to school, or maybe you have a desire to write, or sing, or make some kind of art, when those feelings are recognized and acted upon it's as if a new matrix is opened up in your life. It instantly becomes more authentic. Even if you don't know what your desire is but know something needs to change, that's the first step. If you have been reading my blog for a while, or have heard me speak, then you are aware that I had this experience a few years ago. I knew deep down that my marriage was crumbling and the relationship wasn't serving either one of us, yet I denied it and tried to make it work. When I stopped resisting what was true for me and acted upon what my heart needed, I unleashed a new life for myself. The pain was turned into a deeper love and understanding for not only myself, but for everyone else around me. I dropped resistance and accepted myself, which catapulted me into a more loving, authentic life. (And which is why I now do what I do as a writer and life coach.) Resistance AKA Your Nemesis Many of us resist the feelings we have for many reasons. Maybe we don't like change, maybe we are worried about what others will think, or worry we will be alone and no longer fit in. Holding on to resistance, which can feel like frustration, anger, discouragement, even depression, keeps us from what we truly want. When we let go, we begin to release the resistance and begin to accept what's true for us. Letting Go and Allowing The feeling of appreciation will knock out resistance each and every time you invite it in. Regardless of how small you think the things you are appreciating are, any type of appreciation you have helps align you with your good and begins to carve away the frustration, anger and fear. Appreciation invites love in. If you are no where near appreciating anything, anger is better than holding onto despair. Yes, anger. It's okay to be angry. In fact, there was a time when I was so angry, (I had zero effs to give as we like to say around here), that allowing that anger to be felt was the precise thing I needed to let something in that I had been longing for. Owning your anger can help carve away resistance as well. You can't jump from despair to love, but you can step to love when you give your true feelings a chance to breathe. Recognizing what you feel allows you to release it. Staying Connected Tuning out the outer world is the best way to stay on your authentic path. Listening to what's going on inside and not letting anyone or anything dissuade you from your feelings is crucial to honoring your spirit. Pay careful attention to how you feel, your feelings are your indicator of how closely you are listening to your heart. Walk to your own beat and tune out the judgments of others. Embrace the Unfamiliar Go to that place that feels unfamiliar or even risky. There are no mistakes, so you can't mess up. Push the envelope and go to that scary place that seems off limits but temps you anyway. When you do, you'll expand your consciousness, and in turn expand your heart. Our egos like to keep us feeling small and disconnected, but when we realize just how connected we are to every single person on this planet, we can begin to change the news reports. When we embrace what's true for us, what we really want, and act upon it, we begin living from a place of love. Our purpose is what we are here to do. To tap into our greatness and share it with others is our birthright. This is true for every single one of us. And the greatness I'm referring to isn't from the ego sense of how popular you are, but rather how satisfied you are with your life, when the lights are out and you're alone in a room. Living a life of fulfillment isn't meant for the few, it's what we are all here to experience. You have a special something the world needs. Deliver it to us and watch the world shift and change. It starts with each and every one of us embracing our purpose. Mine your magnificence and share it with us. The world needs what you have. With love, Danielle

PS I would love to hear how you've made changes in your own life to live from a more authentic place. Or the risks you've taken that were exactly what you needed, or what speaks to your heart. Please share in the comments below.

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