Feeling Your Value

Even if you call yourself a homebody or tend to be an introvert, as humans we have a need to feel like we are part of a tribe or community. There is a sense of feeling wanted that connects us to our value and to the reason why we are here, living this life. How beautiful are our spirits that when healthy, our natural tendency is to want to help others. Our hearts yearn to connect, to reach out, to help, to empathize and to love. In doing so we feel of value and of purpose. As a life coach I see it often, and am always humbled by it. More often than not clients arrive in my office not only to heal, or because they want to reconnect to their hearts and create a guide map for their life, but they want to do so so they can in turn help others. Being of service doesn't necessarily have to come in the package of a job or career, it can come in many forms, and in fact does on a daily basis. Right down to helping someone out in your own home. The natural drive we have to connect and help is like a hand gently nudging us to move forward, to reach out and to be of service. It is when we expand our awareness past our own self-serving agendas and are healed of our own wounds that we not only embrace our own value, but also truly see the value in others. When we are healed, we can help. When being of service or helping others brings with it resentment, judgment or score keeping, then you can bet old wounds are still exposed, and that help is not coming from a healed, loving place. Carolyn Myss said it best when she said, "To be of service to others through your inner gifts, your intuition, your courage, your talents and your creativity is possible for all those who are willing to respond to the needs of others. Toward this end, you must see yourself as healed, having completed the unfinished business of your past. While you may visit your wounds every now and again, you can no longer emotional or mentally reside in that contaminated psychic field, continually processing wounds that are decades old. Your focus has to be in the present moment. This is where your power is, and being in the present is what your health requires." To connect with our value, purpose and power, and in turn reach out and be of service to others, the cords from the past have got to be disconnected, our wounds healed and the current moment be our focus. Where we are right now, not the old stories or relationship dynamics that have plagued us or followed us around, is what is important. When we are healed, when our well is full, we have more to give. And giving without judgement becomes a joy, not a burden. To give of ourselves we have to first give to ourselves. It is up to us (no one else!) if we allow our old stories to hold us back or if we release them and decide to hold positive intentions for what's to come. Being of service to ourselves is our choice, but once that choice is made the natural order is to become of service to others, leaving no room for resentment, keeping score or having a chip on our shoulder. This may be a tall order, but it's doable. Where are you shortchanging yourself? What old stories do you keep on repeat in your head that keep you from living how you truly desire to live? What fears do you have of the future that keep you from embracing your magnificent value today? Face them and let them go. Let each breath you take today be a reminder of your ability to heal, love, connect and be of service. Each breath you take is another chance to seize the moment. And in this moment right now you are pretty magnificent. Feel it. With so much love, Danielle

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