When Inspiration Vanishes

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Hey you, the kind reader I write to every week, I have to admit, this blog post almost didn't happen. I've been in my head too much lately. It started with my daughter going into the hospital - emergency appendectomy. Although I guess all appendectomies are emergencies; taking an appendix out isn't really a part of anyone's general plan. Then my mom was suddenly in the hospital having a pace maker put in, which was a huge blow. She's totally fine with it, just a little disappointed she can no longer use a chainsaw. (She even kept her sense of humor through the whole ordeal.) And in between, my husband and another daughter got sick and needed a visit to one of those emergency care clinics I generally will do anything to avoid. I felt like I was running an infirmary and in a constant state of reaction. The thing is, I teach my clients how to get out of this reactive state and how to move into frontal cortex thinking, which is where you create your experiences instead of reacting to what is. But here I was, racing here and there, getting diagnosis from doctors and plans from surgeons and getting a little freaked out along the way. I thought I was keeping my cool about it all, until I sat down to write this article and then nothing. Zero. Zilch. There are millions of concepts I could write about, but nothing felt right. Then I realized my heart just wasn't showing up. I was still stuck in my head trying to figure everything out. Truth be told, I've been scared. Scared something really serious was wrong with my youngest daughter, scared of losing my mom, fearful that my other daughter's eardrum was about to burst from her ear infection and worried I wasn't able to give my husband enough of my time. My fight or flight response was on lockdown and showing no sign of letting up. Its momentum had taken hold. This, my friends, is no way to live. Unfortunately, this is how most of us do live on a daily basis. Stress levels are at an all time high, road rage is just one sign, alcoholism, prescription drug addictions and food addictions are just other ways we mask the stress, overwhelm or disappointment we are feeling. With good reason - life is never static. It's in a constant state of flux. So what does our flux look like? How much of our lives are spent reacting to circumstances? Feel Your Way Through The heart wants to run and hide when it may be hurt, so our brain takes over. Granted, our fight or flight states can serve us well, but check in and make sure it's not overcompensating for something you don't want to feel. (It happens to all of us.) I didn't want to face the fears of my daughter or mom not being okay, so I buried those fears, along with my heart and inspiration. Know What Grounds You and Do It For me, meditation, being outside, listening to music, dancing and practicing yoga keep me grounded. And after a few weeks of being launched into outer space with one calamity after another I needed more grounding than I was getting. Excuses are super easy to come up with, especially when things are so crazy, but it's got to happen unless you want your train derailed. I have clients that love high-energy exercise classes and others that feel grounded after taking a bath in Epsom salts or gardening. What does the trick for you? Figuring this out and actually putting it to practice is crucial to reconnecting with your optimum state. When we are grounded we feel safe and secure. Drama Addiction When you are in a reactive state it can release some fun chemicals in your brain that make you want to get shit done, but then they dissipate. Wanting them back, you may see what else you can get reactive about...careful of this. Pay attention and notice how much of your time is spent putting out fires and chasing things down. You may be caught in drama addiction. Life doesn't have to be so complicated all the time - even yours. Where can you disengage from the drama? Looking back, to keep my heart clear I needed to reach out and talk about my fears and not let the cape of "superwoman" attach itself to my back. When we reach out to others, we build stronger connections, and that not only expands our hearts, but also keeps us in the flow of creativity. Then, when you need that stroke of creativity or inspiration, it's there waiting to be seized. And your blog gets written, viola. :-)

How do you get your inspiration back? Share your comments below. With so much love and inspiration, Danielle