At Least We Made It Home

Sometimes situations just suck. I found myself in one of those just a few days ago. Last week I got to play in Puerto Rico with my family. We slept in every day and did what we wanted when we wanted. It was perfect- at least when the kids weren't fighting over random ridiculousness in the back seat of the car. On our last day we had it all planned out. We were going to visit a little town that promised to have great local food next to a luscious rainforest. And then my husband informed me our flight back home isn't scheduled until June. That explained the low airfare we scored to Puerto Rico. Enter panic mode. The kids have school, my husband and I have work, my five year old was immediately worried she wouldn't get to turn six if we were in Puerto Rico and her her birthday is in a couple of weeks, and we have nowhere to stay. We finally figured a way to get home, by way of an overnight flight through Chicago with a super early flight home the next morning. On top of it all, my purse with all of my IDs was lost, I had to get felt up and interrogated by the TSA at 5:30 am, and my husband accidentally took someone else's laptop while going through security. We did eventually make it home. Tired and drained. Throughout this entire ordeal there could have been yelling, screaming, blaming, crying or gnashing of teeth, but there wasn't. And the only thing I can chalk it up to is the fact that we really checked out for a week. We went for an entire week not plugged in to the craziness that our day to day lives can bring. We were in our own world, blocking out the world around us and only taking in what felt good. So now that we are back in the world of responsibilities, deadlines, to-do lists and comparisons, I'm making an effort to just take in what feels good, love the people I share my life with, and to not be so quick to judge situations. Because at the end of the day, it's all going to be okay. And those things that may drive you crazy right now, you actually won't remember in a year. Do you have any crazy situations that you've had to get out of? I'd love to hear about them and how you survived in the comments below. Until next week, lots of love, Danielle PS Someone in the Chicago restaurant where I left my purse found it and overnighted it to me, everything in tact. I might just chalk that one up to karma. xo