April 3, 2018

So you’ve figured out what the word is for feeling all that you feel: you’re an empath

Empaths are more common today than ever before.  But at the end of a day, after bumping up to energy all day, being an empath can often times feel like you rode a roller coaster ten times in the rain and then stepped off and stuck your finger in a light socket – you’re fried.

Taking in so many inputs throughout the day, feeling your...

September 9, 2015

Hi lovely reader, 

There are a lot of events happening within our nation and the world that are bringing up questions - why the hostility, pain, grief, devastation and destruction?

And it's not as if we haven't been subjected to the harshness the world can bring to our doors, but thanks to the news and social media the harshness of the world is brought directly into our living rooms. 

Which is why, dear reade...

August 26, 2015

It all started with a book. The title of the book kept popping up everywhere I looked. I couldn't get away from it.

Then a friend of mine highly suggested it so I decided to give it a read. 

As the title suggests, it really did change my life. 

"The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" written by Marie Kondo is all about clutter, the affect it has on our lives and how to change it. 


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